The clock starts from the time the movers arrive at your pick-up address. The hourly rate runs through loading, driving to a destination, and unloading. The clock stops at your last drop off location when the truck is empty and all set-up tasks are completed.
Yes. Toronto High Level Movers Company charges a minimum of three hours of work. If your move exceeds this three-hour minimum, you are billed in increments of 30 minutes at half of your hourly rate. Exceptions will only apply to special case moves based on a fixed price.
While every move is unique, certain types of homes typically fall within these average time frames:
1 Bedroom Apartment = 3 – 5 hours
2-3 Bedroom Condo = 4 – 7 hours
2-3 Bedroom House = 5 – 8 hours
Please, remember that these are only estimates. These moving averages are based on moves handled by two men for 1-2 bedroom apt/house and three men for 3-4 bedroom houses. You can decrease the moving time by packing yourself. Relocation time also depends on the distance between the pickup site and final destination, as well as any inclement weather, road, and traffic conditions.
Travel time is a flat rate that is determined by the amount of time it takes to drive our moving truck from our premises to your pick-up location and back to our premises from your drop off location. The flat fee for travel time from and to our premises does not include the driving time from your pick-up to your drop off address.
Any additional stops between the initial pick up location and final destination are free of charge, as we charge on hourly basis.
All parking tickets and downtime is billable (waiting for elevator setup, property key holder is late, traffic, customer inspecting his/her belongings upon delivery, etc.).
We require all payments to be made before unloading our moving truck at your last drop off location. Your payment will be taken by the foreman of the crew.
We provide 5% senior and student discounts.
In heavy weather conditions (snowstorms, heavy rains, wind conditions, etc), all arrivals are subject to delays. If applicable, High Level Movers Company will reschedule the move to the next available date and time. NOTE: High Level Movers Company will neither give discounts, refunds nor make compensations for delays or rescheduling under all conditions mentioned herein.
We move upright, baby grand and grand pianos. Our minimum rate for piano moving is $180 and is dependent on the size and location of the piano, as well as the size of the moving crew assigned to your project. Contact us with the specifications of your piano move to receive a custom price estimate.

No, we do not! We recommend that you transport all pets in your own vehicle.

We can move your plants if necessary. We strongly recommend to move your plants by yourself. We are not liable for any damage to your plants during transportation.
High Level Movers Company accepts cash, major credit cards, debit cards, and Interact email money transfers. We cannot process payments through personal or company checks. Exceptions must be approved by our office prior to the day of your move.
Our movers are allowed a 15-minute break every 2 hours of work. All break time is included in the billing time at our standard hourly rate. If your moving project lasts longer than 4 hours, our movers are allowed one 30-minute break for lunch. This 30-minute break will not be included in the billing time.
We wrap and cover all furniture with professional-grade cushioned moving blankets and shrink wrap. Furniture padding is complimentary. Under the common moving procedure, your furniture is padded inside the truck.
We offer packing services if you are unable to pack on your own. You should arrange for packing services prior to your moving date to allow for sufficient planning. The time spent by our movers packing your items is billed according to our standard hourly rate. Having everything boxed up, packed, organized, and ready to go prior to our arrival, will save you time and money.
Yes. We can provide you with all packaging materials, including cardboard boxes, scotch tape, bubble and shrink wrap, etc., at affordable prices. Additionally, we offer partial and full packing services on demand.
Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. Your belongings are covered under the Basic Protection for any damage or loss during the move, if due to mover’s negligence. The value of your belongings is determined by a standard 60 cents per pound rate. This type of coverage does not recognize the monetary value of individual belongings. If you file a claim, the payment you receive is calculated by 60 cents for every pound of the damaged or lost item’s weight.

Please, contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a new move date. The sooner you give us notice, the easier it is to accommodate your needs. If you reschedule your move within 3 days of the scheduled date, we will retain your deposit and require another security deposit.

If you cancel your move less than 3 days prior to your actual moving day, your security deposit is non-refundable.

High Level Movers Company is not responsible for loss or damage to accounts, bills, checks, evidence of debts, letters of credit, passports, tickets, documents, manuscripts, notes, mechanical drawings, securities, currency, money, precious stones, jewelry, or other similar valuables. Customers shall take full responsibility for moving the above-mentioned valuables.