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A Last Minute Moving Guide

A Last Minute Moving Guide

Preparing for a move is not easy! It requires a lot of planning and organizing to get everything ready for when the movers arrive. But after all is said and done, with all your belongings packed into nicely labeled boxes, you can sit back and relax until the movers arrive… hypothetically.

The truth is that moving your home can be one of the most stressful life events that you may experience. The day before a move people are usually left with a lot to do. Perhaps you are guilty of procrastinating up until this point, and there are many things that still need to be packed. Maybe you underestimated the amount of work there is to do in preparing for a move, and you’re crunched for time. It is important to make sure that you are ready before your last minute movers. This article contains a handy list of key things to have prepared before you move.

Follow Up With Your Movers

Last Minute Moving

If you haven’t already done so, this is the most important step for you to remember to do the day before your move. Make sure you call up your moving company and confirm your move! Be sure to go over all of the details of your move, including:

  • The moving date and time
  • The pickup and drop off addresses
  • The volume of your move
  • Contact information
  • The moving rates and any additional fees
  • Accepted methods of payments 
  • Special Instructions for the movers

By calling your or our Kitchener moving company prior to the move, this gives you a chance to cross your t’s and dot your i’s. This will also ensure that there are no errors in your booked move, and that the movers will arrive when and where they are supposed to. Being proactive and double checking is a smart step to ensure everything goes right on moving day. 

Last Minute Packing

Ideally, the contents of your home would be packed up and ready to go the night before moving, but many times, that isn’t the case. If you still have some packing left to do before your movers arrive, then definitely try to get it all done. Consider asking friends or family for help if you are able to. It is important that all your belongings are packed prior to your movers arriving, so that you are not still packing when they arrive. Doing so will definitely delay your move, slow the movers down, and affect your cost.  Also, if you haven’t already done so, pack a box of essential items that you will use the same day you arrive at your new home.  This may include essential toiletries, chargers for electronic devices, a change of clothing, a set of linens and towels, and basic pantry items like coffee, dishware and cutlery. 

Disassemble Furniture

Last Minute Moving

Disassembling furniture can be quite challenging, and may be best left for the professional movers to handle. However, if you have the ability to, we recommend that you disassemble your furniture before your movers arrive. Some moving companies charge extra for furniture disassembly, so doing it yourself can save you money.  Also, some companies charge by the time, so disassembling furniture can push the time of your move, thereby also increasing the price of the move.  If you choose to disassemble yourself then we recommend placing all screws and bolts into a ziplock bag and taping it directly to a piece of the furniture. This will ensure that you do not lose any parts when it comes time for reassembly.  Also, if you have lost assembly or disassembly instructions, try looking it up on the internet. Most furniture manufacturers post their instruction manuals online!  

Offer Snacks & Refreshments

Moving is physically demanding, and if you’re moving in the summer or winter then unpredictable the weather can make it that much tougher. When the movers are working so hard, they may not even realize that they are forgetting to drink and eat. This can be worrisome on a hot summer day when they are more at risk of dehydrating. Offering your movers snacks and refreshments is a kind gesture that is greatly appreciated. In the summer months it is a great idea to offer your movers with chilled bottles of water. In the winter you may consider offering them a warm beverage like hot chocolate or coffee. While this is never expected, it will definitely make the movers happy and boost their morale.

Last Minute Moving

Get Some Sleep!

Moving can take a physical, mental, and emotional toll on you. There is much to prepare, packing can be straining, and saying goodbye to your home and all of the memories it contains may be difficult. After you have checked off all of the final To-Do’s, be sure to get a good night’s rest. Moving day will demand a lot from you, and being well rested will give you the fresh start you need to approach your big day.

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