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It can come as a surprise to many clients when they discover that some of their items have special considerations. Clients should communicate with their movers about any items of extraordinary value, fragile items like fine art and TV’s, oversized items, and items that could classify as Dangerous Goods. Many of these items come with additional costs, special instructions, and regulated handling requirements. It is important to be prepared to make alternative arrangements or necessary preparation in advance of your moving date! Below we look further at what special items a client should consider when planning their move. 



Legally, there are items that moving companies cannot move and doing so could result in massive fines, or worse, prison time. It is important to be prepared so no items get left behind on moving day. Many of these items will require additional arrangements for their handling or alternative transportation. Within Kitchener, most professional moving companies would refuse the transportation of any items that fall in the category of dangerous goods outlined by provincial and federal guidelines. 

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act prohibits movers from transporting all articles classified as dangerous goods under Classes one to nine. A detailed breakdown of these items is available on the Government of Canada website. These items include aerosols, propane tanks, fuel, compressed oxygen, compressed gasses, certain pesticides, pressurized containers, certain cleanings fluids, antifreeze, paint cans,  fire extinguishers, explosives, flammable items, corrosive or toxic materials, and any items or chemicals that pose a threat to human health and safety. 

If you are moving lawn mowers, snowblowers, barbeques, or vehicles that run on gas, please ensure you remove the canisters and empty the fuel tanks prior to your movers arriving.  Many of these items may have to travel with you in your car. For some items, like oxygen tanks, specialized transport services are available. 


In general a local moving company will not transport living animals. Moving trucks are not equipped to accommodate the safe relocation of animals. 

If you are planning to move plants, then a local moving company may be able to help! Moving your plants often comes at the clients risk, since the safety of plants cannot be guaranteed on a moving truck. We do not recommend the moving of plants over long distance moves, since trucks do not provide the necessary climate and temperature controls for the safe relocation of living plants. If you are moving plants in ceramic pots, consider moving the plant into a plastic pot as clay and ceramic pots may break in transit.

Also, please note, if you are planning a long distance move to another province be sure to research the regulations of that province, to ensure your plant meets regulatory standards. 


Prior to moving your home, it is necessary to let your local movers in Kitchener know about any valuable items you have in advance. Valuables such as fine art may require special handling and supplies in order to relocate safely. A moving company that offers packing services and packing supplies can provide specific art boxes that are designed to keep your art safe. If you have fragile items packed in boxes, then be sure to label the boxes in clear black marker, so that your movers will know to handle those boxes with extra care. 

Most moving companies will suggest that valuables such as passports, jewelry, legal documents, and sentimental items stay with the client at all times. They can be packed onto a carryon bag that can be relocated with you. It is not worth the risk of losing these items during your move.


A responsible and reliable moving company will have guidelines in place to ensure the safe relocation of your TV. Televisions are very fragile and can be easily damaged in transport. A full service moving company should offer you specialized TV boxes that are reinforced with foam padding. Be sure to verify with your movers the condition of your TV prior to loading the truck, and once coming off the truck.  

Following these guidelines will help you to be prepared and avoid any unnecessary delays, or costs that can result from moving specialized items. The best movers in Kitchener will provide you with the necessary steps to ensure the successful relocation of your belongings!

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