What is the cost of living in Kitchener?

If you plan on moving to Kitchener you should know to get it better before you move. It’s by far the largest city in Canda. Also its one of the most diverse cities in the whole world, with half of its resident born outside of Canada. The city sits on Lake Ontario, and it has a  lot to offer to its residents. Hence, if you need help moving to Kitchener you can hire a reliable moving company to help you move. Furthermore, you will want to get to know what are the prices and cost of living in Kitchener.

Cost of living in Kitchener is imperative for your life planning.
Calculating prices is imperative!

What is the cost of living in Kitchener?

Here are some quick facts about Kitchener that can help you know more about it:

  • The population of the Greater Kitchener Area is about five and a half million people
  • The official language is de facto English, but many different languages are taught in schools.
  • GDP per capita is about C$ 55.000

Costs of moving and shipping to Kitchener

So, if you need to know shipping costs you can see the data we’ve extracted below. Although, it only accounts for the price of shipping. Furthermore, to get a sense of  Kitchener moving costs contact the moving company with your moving details.

Shipping from:

  • Vancouver – $2,700+
  • New York – $600+
  • London – $2,500+
  • Dublin – $2,800+
  • Dubai– $5,000+
  • Auckland, NZ – 6,000+
  • Sydney – $5,400+

How much is the housing in Kitchener?

Prices of housing in Kitchener are reasonable when they are compared with other major cities. It makes the cost of living in Kitchener much more manageable. Although of lately there has been an increase in housing prices. Of course, prices vary depending on the area but here you might get an indication of prices.

Housing costs are going to incur large amounts of coins.
Cost of housing is the biggest set of numbers you will see.

Prices of rentals in Kitchener

  • One bedroom apartment in City Centre is around C$1200+
  • Three bedroom apartment in City Centre comes at around C$2200+
  • One bedroom apartment outside the City Centre comes at around C$950+
  • Lastly, three-bedroom apartment outside the City Centre will set you back around C$1549.79+

If you plan on purchasing a house this is what you can expect

  • Price per square meter in City Centre comes at C$7000.00
  • Price per square meter outside of the City will cost you: C$5248.83

Cost of living in Kitchener – Food, Groceries, and Restaurants

You can find anything to your heart’s desire in Kitchener. Furthermore, a number of world-class restaurants that offer food from all corners of the world. Also, you can get fresh produce from the cites farmers market.

  • Price of an average meal in a restaurant: C$13.00 – C$20.00
  • Bottle of Coke: C$1.20 – C$3.00
  • A liter of milk: C$1.19 – C$3.77
  • A loaf of bread: C$2.00 – C$3.31
  • Dozen eggs: C$2.00 – C$4.00
  • Chicken meat per kg: C$8 – C$19
  • Beef per kg: C$9 -C$17.67

If you want to grab a drink how much will you pay?

Kitchener is known for its large selection of nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. Therefore you can choose something that is both tailored to your taste and pocket. Here is what you typically can order to drink

  • A pint of domestic beer at a restaurant or pub: C$4.50 – C$7.50
  • A bottle of imported beer at a restaurant or pub: C$5.00 – C$9.00
  • A pint of domestic beer at a supermarket: C$2.00 – C$3.00
  • Bottle of imported beer at a supermarket: C$2.00 – C$4.00
  • Mid-range bottle of wine at a supermarket: C$14 – C$20

Price of commute in Kitchener

So one of the things that Kitchener has is an excellent public transport system. Therefore the cost of living in Kitchener may vary significantly depending on how you commute. So to save on costs many people prefer to use the buses, subway, streetcars, rail or ferries. Furthermore, you can count the cost of living in Kitchener increasing if you spend your time in traffic driving a car, and paying high parking fees.

This is what the cost of public fares are:

  • One adult single – C$3.25
  • One day pass – C$12.50
  • A monthly ticket for bus, subway, streetcar, and train – C$146.25
  • Weekly pass – C$43.75

How much do you need to spend on the internet?

The prices of the internet are relative as they are higher than in the UK but lower than in the US. So it is best to do a research and find the provider that suits your needs the best. Here are some sample broadband internet prices from early 2017 for unlimited downloads, based on a 12-month contract:

  • Bell: C$84.95 a month (Standard Broadband up to 25mb)
  • Velcom: C$49.95 a month (Standard Broadband up to 50mb)
  • Virgin: C$50 a month (Standard Broadband up to 25mb)
  • Primus: C$49.95 a month (Standard Broadband up to 25mb))

Cost of living in Kitchener – Clothing, personal Items, recreation and entertainment

You can get the best deals by shopping in big malls during sales periods. Therefore you can find all of the world’s biggest brands at a discount. Also, buying things out of the season is going to cost you more, so try and plan ahead what you need to buy. For instance, July is the hottest and humid month. January is the coldest month with an average maximum temperature of -1°C. So, in between be prepared for rains and snow.

Moving to Kitchener is not all bills and work. It has to involve some concerts too!
You have to have some fun too…

Here are the prices of clothes with some other things you need.

  • JeansC$40 – C$90
  • Dress: C$29.99 – C$60
  • Trainers: C$70 – C$120
  • Business Shoes: C$80 – C$200
  • Deodorant: C$4.87
  • Shampoo: C$5.29
  • Gym membership: C$35 – C$75 per month
  • Movie (cinema) ticket: C$12 – C$15

Having a car in Kitchener

If you didn’t know, Kitchener has one of the longest commuting times in Canada. Also, it has the highest parking fees. Hence, if you’re moving to Canada you might want to employ the help of professionals. So check out these tips for hiring last minute movers. to help you get moving.

If you are moving to Kitchener from another country, you might not need to take a driving test. So make sure to find out if you need to get a driving license, otherwise, you might pay a fee.

Here are some other sample costs of owning and operating a car in Kitchener:

  • New Chevrolet Spark:C$9.995
  • One liter of gas:C$1.09
  • Vehicle Permit:C$32