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What is the ideal number of movers to hire?

What is the ideal number of movers to hire?

Relocating can be an extremely taxing endeavor that often involves unforeseen expenses and complications. In an attempt to reduce costs, some individuals may choose to undertake the task of moving their residence independently.

Undertaking a move by oneself can be a daunting and hazardous task. Moving a home involves several crucial factors, including packing, acquiring packing materials, dismantling furniture, safely lifting bulky items, and securing possessions onto a truck for secure transportation. The reality is that engaging the services of professional movers is a prudent decision that can save time, effort, and offer reassurance. In fact, hiring professional movers may prove to be more economical than attempting it solo and incurring costly damages.

It is important to contemplate a practical budget.

If you intend to enlist the services of local movers for your relocation, it is essential to conduct thorough research to ascertain the potential costs involved. A comprehensive moving company can present you with advantageous add-ons; however, these amenities may impact your final invoice. If you are operating within a budget, it is recommended to determine which services you genuinely require and those that you can accomplish independently. Some customers choose to use fewer movers or assist with the move to minimize expenses. Clients may also elect to transport smaller objects by themselves, leaving more substantial items for the movers to handle.

When you contact your local moving company, a representative will provide you with guidance through the moving process and endeavor to work within your budget. A professional moving company can offer valuable tips and advice to help you conduct your move efficiently and cost-effectively. The best moving companies in your area will furnish you with a quote that presents transparent pricing and a comprehensive breakdown of your moving and payment procedures.


When working under stringent time constraints, preparation is paramount. For instance, if you are relocating from an apartment, you may be allotted limited elevator hours. Similarly, when selling a house, you may be obligated to adhere to strict move-in and move-out schedules. The representatives from your trusted moving company can assess all your time limitations and devise a plan that fulfills your requirements. Often, clients are advised to hire additional movers to comply with time constraints.

However, it is essential to note that hiring multiple movers does not necessarily entail a higher invoice. Most professional moving companies base their pricing for residential and local moves on the time taken to complete the move. In essence, clients pay the same rate per mover per unit of time. In such situations, incorporating more movers would not elevate the final invoice since the time taken to complete the move would be reduced, thereby balancing out the bill.


When organizing your residential relocation, it is crucial to factor in the size of your home and the quantity of possessions you possess. A more extensive inventory would necessitate more time and potentially require supplementary moving trucks. Additionally, if you are relocating numerous appliances or bulky items such as a piano, engaging additional movers would be a prudent decision.

If you are moving an office or business, it is vital to take into account the size of the area being relocated, the amount of items, time restrictions, and the intricacy of the move. Large industrial equipment would warrant extra movers. Similarly, challenging entry points, such as buildings without elevator access or extensive warehouses with long hallways, would pose a greater physical challenge. Commercial moving services operating under these conditions would be advised to enlist additional movers.

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What is the ideal number of movers?

As a general rule, most moving companies suggest that for a three-bedroom house or larger, a minimum of three movers would be necessary. It is crucial for clients to avoid finding themselves in a scenario where the relocation cannot be finished on the scheduled day and has to be continued on the following day. If your move requires multiple trucks, bear in mind that each truck can accommodate up to three movers.

The table below can provide you with a rough estimate of the number of movers your home may require:

Dwelling SizeNumber of MoversAvg. Time to Load & Unload
Bachelor/studio2 movers3-6 hours
1 bedroom2 movers4-7 hours
2 bedroom2-3 movers5-9 hours
3 bedroom3-6 movers6-12 hours
4 bedroom +3-9 movers6+ hours

Please note that the table provided is for reference purposes only and may not accurately reflect the time it will take to complete your move. There are many variables that can impact the duration of your move that cannot be accounted for in a general table.

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